What to do if you want to get married

     Dr. Raoul Comninos is a licensed marriage officer in Cape Town.

     Please contact me via email or phone me on 021-558-3491 if you want to get married.

     I offer premarital counseling and I am happy to perform the wedding of any couple provided it is within the Cape Town area.

     I have performed weddings for 20 years.

     I am happy to marry persons who are not members of our Church and also non-Christians. For me marriage is for humankind generally, not for religious people exclusively. It is not a sacrament but a creation ordinance. As such, it is part of God's general kindness, not part of what we call God's' saving grace. A person does not have to get married in a Church in order to be truly married. That said, there are certain legal conditions that must be met in order for a marriage to be legitimate.

     One must also bear in mind that a marriage ceremony devoid of all religious elements, such as hymns, prayers, Scripture readings, a message, and the word "God" reduces the ceremony to the bare bones of a courtroom experience.

     See my wedding checklist

     Please also see my philosophy of ministry.

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